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Olmstead-Smith Historical Gardeners

The Amazing Olmstead-Smith Historical Gardeners The year 2023 represents 30 years since the founding of the Olmstead-Smith Historical Gardeners volunteer group in 1993. We’re lucky to have founding gardener Dorothy Stanely share some information about the history of the park, the gardener’s group, and the beautiful garden at Olmstead Place …

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Winter Trips & Tips

A good snowfall brings a bevy of fun winter activities. Whether you’re ready for the snow or prefer to stick to the lower elevations, Washington State Parks are host to a varied array of adventures to brighten your winter. We provide 7 ideas to inspire you to head outdoors any …

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Fall Fun Times at State Parks

Autumn is a wonderful season to fall in love with Washington State Parks. There are so many great things to see and do – without the summer crowds!

Rare Jackalope Sighting at Riverside State Park

The jackalope is extremely rare and unfortunately rumored to be extinct. In scarce and special occurrences, visitors to Washington State Parks have reported witnessing herds of jackalope grazing and hopping through the eastern side of the state.