In the face of so many visitors and sometimes challenging weather, our parks have seen improvements made possible by the support of people just like you. Over the past year in 2023, support from people who love parks like you have helped complete 24 park improvement projects throughout the state with many more to come! Here are just a few examples of the types of park improvement projects people like you are helping with:

Park Facility Improvements
Vital campground repairs and playground reconstruction were completed at Fort Ebey and Ike Kinswa State Parks as well as picnic shelter and bench replacements for Lewis and Clark Trail and Fort Flagler State Parks
Hiking trails, bridges and wooden stairs were renovated at South Whidbey, and new trail sign markers installed for Seaquest and Lewis and Clark State Parks
Nature Programs
Expanded access to nature programs for families was provided through support for Interpretive Naturalists Internships at Mt. St. Helens Visitor Center and Youth Adventure Backpacks at Ike Kinswa
Habitat Restoration
Habitats for wildlife were restored at Mt. St. Helens Visitor Center and new trees and gardens were planted at Alta Lake and Peach Arch State Parks
Puget Sound Restoration
Puget Sound restoration actions include cleaning up south sound marine waters by expanding pump-out service and converting Cama Beach’s boat fleet rentals from diesel to electric outboard engines
Sustainable Parks
Sustainable and efficient energy upgrades provided for Palouse to Cascades Trail kiosks, Lincoln Rock and Daroga State Parks
Maps and Signage
Maps and interpretive signage were created and installed at Mt. Spokane and Saint Edward State Parks
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