Friends of State Park Groups

Friends groups consist of dedicated volunteers who are devoted to supporting their local state park. Friends Groups lead activities such as organizing educational programs and events in their park, coordinating park-specific volunteer activities, fundraising, operating park stores, and more.

We proudly support Friends Groups around the state by offering technological support, serving as a fiscal agent, providing a standing committee to offer advice on starting or running a Friends group, and sponsoring a yearly meeting of Friends groups from across the state.

Get involved. Use the resources provided here to find your local State Parks Friends Group. Don’t see one? Then use the resources here to start your own. And feel free to contact us for help; we can connect you with people experienced in such organizational matters as articles of incorporation, by-laws, federal tax exemption, state nonprofit registration, business licenses, sales tax, fundraising, park store operation and many other issues.

To Create a Friends Group

John Floberg, Executive Director at  Washington State Parks Foundation can help you and your team on issues to consider and ways to support efforts to create a Friends Group.  Please reach John at [email protected] and 206-437-6086

Friends Groups by Park

Birch Bay State Park
Friends of Birch Bay
Doralee Booth
[email protected]
Bridle Trails State Park
Bridle Trails Park Foundation
Jim Erckmann
[email protected]
Bridle Trails State Park
Lake Washington Saddle Club
Jennifer Duncan
[email protected]
Cama Beach State Park
Cama Beach Foundation
Suzi Wong Swint
[email protected]
Cama Beach & Camano Island State Parks
Friends of Camano Island Parks
Tom Eisenberg
[email protected]
Camp Wooten
Camp Wooten Association
Don Miller
[email protected]
Centennial Trail
Friends of Centennial Trail
Loreen McFaul 
[email protected]
Deception Pass State Park
Deception Pass Park Foundation
Mathew W. Klope
[email protected]
Fort Columbia – Northhead Lighthouse
Keepers of Northhead Lighthouse
Lona Niemi
[email protected]
Fort Flagler
Friends of Fort Flagler
Vigo Anderson
[email protected]
Fort Townsend State Park
Friends of Fort Townsend State Park
Nancy Steinberg
[email protected]
Fort Worden State Park
Friends of Fort Worden State Park
Claude Manning
[email protected]
Battle Ground Lake State Park
Friends of Battle Ground Lake State Park
Barbara Thomas
[email protected]
Hoko River State Park
Friends of Hoko River State Park
Roy Morris
[email protected]
Lake Sammamish State Park
Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park
Jennifer Adut
[email protected]
Lime Kiln Point State Park
Friends of Lime Kiln Society
Erin Corra
[email protected] 
Moran State Park 
Friends of Moran State Park 
Sandra Talt
[email protected] 
Mount Spokane State Park
Friends of Mount Spokane
Cris Currie
[email protected]
Palouse to Cascades Trail 
Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition 
Fred Wert
[email protected]
Riverside State Park
Riverside State Park Foundation
Benjamin Baird
[email protected]
Sacajawea State Park
Friends of Sacajawea State Park
Christian Ford
[email protected]
Saint Edward State Park
Friends of Saint Edward
Elaine Everitt
[email protected]
Saltwater State Park
Friends of Saltwater State Park
Randy Williams
[email protected]
Schafer State Park & Lake Sylvia State Park
Friends of Schafer & Lake Sylvia State Parks
Stet Palmer
[email protected]
Spokane House
Friends of Spokane House



Whidbey Island: Fort Casey, Fort Ebey, Jospeh Whidbey, Possession Point, South Whidbey
Friends of Whidbey State Parks
Margie Parker
[email protected]