Park Improvement Project for Lewis and Clark State Park

New Trail Signs for Lewis & Clark State Park

Lewis and Clark State Park offers all-around enjoyment for visitors. However, it can be quite difficult to navigate through the looped trails without proper markers. As a 2021 Park Improvement Project recipient, area staff will be able to install trail signs, which will include trail names and mileage. Combined with maps and color-coded trails, these signs will be the key to easily finding your way along the trails.


Lewis and Clark State Park is popular amongst equestrian use, locals, and park campers due to its location and beautiful old growth forest. By installing a set of signs we are very optimistic we can appropriately orient visitors, improve the aesthetics of the park, enhance the visitor experience, and proudly offer trail recommendations. This long-lasting improvement would be much appreciated by visitors for years to come. We plan to color-code the trails and develop an accompanying legend; including park features and trail usage-type. Named trails will be clearly marked, as well as interpretive displays and recreational opportunities. This project has been on our wish-list far too long, so we are thrilled to make this dream a reality!” -Alysa Adams, Interpretive Specialist, Seaquest State Park.