WSPF and Friends Groups Thank Governor Inslee

This week, we teamed up with 14 Friends Groups to thank Governor Inslee for his support of state parks in his proposed 2015-17 budget. Read the whole letter below.

February 17, 2015

Governor Jay Inslee
Office of the Governor P.O. Box 40002
Olympia, WA 98504-0002

Dear Governor Inslee:

On behalf of the Washington State Parks Foundation and State Park Friends Groups and Foundations across the state, we wish to thank you for the generous support of state parks in your proposed 2015-17 budget. We are grateful that your proposed capital budget for state parks funds nearly 90 percent of the Commission’s request. We also appreciate that your operating budget would reduce the decline of the state parks system and sends an important message to the legislature that state parks are a priority.

We understand that Washington’s recovery from the recession and obligations to fund basic education have created extreme challenges in funding a range of important programs and services. At the same time, state parks has done its best to reduce the need for public funding by transitioning to a predominately user-fee based system through camping fees, the Discover Pass and other earned revenue.

We appreciate that you realize how critical the remaining public fund support is to state parks in achieving your goal of a healthy and sustainable park system. As you know, our biggest challenges to realizing this vision are operating budget investments. Thank you for offering an operating budget that brings us within sight of our goal, and for recognizing that one of the nation’s most spectacular park systems should have the type of support that the public wants, expects and deserves.


John Floberg
Executive Director
Washington State Parks Foundation

Ken Hite
Executive Director
Bridle Trails Park Foundation

Lona Niemi
Friends of the Columbia River Gateway

Roy Morris
Friends of Hoko River State Park

Doralee Booth
Friends of Birch Bay State Park

Loreen McFaul
Executive Director
Friends of the Centennial Trail

Nancy Steinberg President
Friends of Fort Townsend

Chris Kovac
Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park

Erin Corra
Founder/Program Director
Friends of Lime Kiln Society
Lime Kiln Point State Park, San Juan Island

Linda Gough
Preserve Our Parks

David Spaulding
Friends of Sacajawea State Park

Don Prince
Vice President
Friends of Washington State Parks

Cris M. Currie
Friends of Mt. Spokane State Park

Mike Brixey
Riverside State Park Foundation

Bill Delyea
Friends of the Spokane House