2020 Park Improvement Project for South Whidbey State Park

Discovery Trail Repairs at South Whidbey State Park

Off the main parking lot in South Whidbey State Park, the Discovery Trail leads you down a steep hillside. Currently, the steps along this trail are uneven and in bad shape. With support from a 2020 Park Improvement Project grant, Friends of Whidbey State Park volunteers will be able to build new box steps in place of the deteriorating creosote steps. This popular trail will be easier and safer for park visitors upon completion.  

“State Parks and our partners, Friends of Whidbey State Parks, are extremely grateful to the Foundation and it’s donors for their generosity and support for two (Whidbey Island) projects. From a natural resource stewardship perspective, both projects will have a positive impact. The new trail steps (at South Whidbey) will remove caustic creosote from the trail and reduce erosion. The tent pads (at Fort Ebey) will serve to limit the area of impact from continual use by our visiting campers. In addition, both projects will have a positive impact on visitor experience. The new trail steps will be more even and stable, and provide for a more natural walking gait. The tent pads will provide a level surface free of rocks and roots – a much more pleasurable sleeping experience. Having this support from the Foundation… is very much appreciated.” – Chris Holm, Area Manager, Washington State Parks.