Parks Improvement Projects Updates for 2019

Through the generosity of our donors, Washington State Parks Foundation provided awards to all state parks that requested support. Tap on photos below to learn about some recent grants and note the list for parks that will be improved for your visits in 2020.

Fort Worden
State Park

$2,500 for trail restoration

Lake Sammamish
State Park

$2,360 for volunteer work party costs for habitat restoration & park beautification

State Park

$2,500 for replacing interpretive amphitheater for junior ranger programs

Lake Wenatchee
State Park

$1,475 to update the volley ball court and lakeside seating

State Park

$2,165 to install a trail marking system

State Park

$1,500 for tree planting project led by local 5th graders

  • Moran – Friends of Moran State Park will install interpretive trail signs along Cascade Lake: $2,000
  • Deception Pass – Restoration costs for the historic Rosario Shelter: $2,500
  • Birch Bay – Friends of Birch will install a playground bench and signage: $1,000
  • Lake Chelan – Provide a new dishwashing station for campers: $1,000
  • Blake Island – Update and install a horizon map interpretive sign: 2,500
  • Fort Worden – Friends of Ft. Worden State Park will restore trails and address water runoff and erosion.
  • Lake Sammamish – Friends of Lake Sammamish support for habitat restoration costs: $2,360
  • Belfair – Replace the interpretive amphitheater for junior ranger programs with volunteer support from boy scouts: $2,500
  • Riverside – Expand and install a trail marking and numbering system: $2,165
  • Lake Wenatchee – Update the South Beach volleyball court and lakeside seating: $1,475
  • Saltwater – Update and install Marine Protected Area & Shoreline interpretive signs: $2,500
  • Pearrygin Lake – Tree costs for “Trees are Terrific”, a restoration and education event led by local 5th graders: $1,500