Beach Access

Parks with beach access

Shine Tidelands

Shine Tidelands State Park is a 13-acre day-use park with 5,000 feet of tideland along Bywater Bay. At high tide, there is little beach available to the visitor. Shine Tidelands became part of the State Park system in 1967. The park property was formerly a portion of the Wolfe Property, […]

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Reed Island

Reed Island State Park is a 510-acre marine park located east of Vancouver.The island offers bird watching, boating, beach walking, camping and picnicking. The park is part of the Columbia River Water Trail.

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Cutts Island

Cutts Island is a two-acre marine park situated on Carr Inlet. During low tide, the island has a very nice sand beach. The island features clay cliffs that allow visitors to walk to the top of the island and enjoy the view. The island is covered with various vegetation, and

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