Park Improvement Project: Lime Kiln Point

Before & After: Restoring the Water Tower

Through the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide Park Improvement Project (PIP) grants to state parks and local partners to make good parks great. 

Lime Kiln Point on San Juan Island is an example of a state park that received a PIP to restore its water tower that was built in 1919. 

We hope you enjoy these before, during & after pictures with report from Ranger Halpern about the completed project.

The water tower is the first structure visitors see as they arrive at upper parking lot.

As you arrived at the upper parking lot at Lime Kiln Point State Park you see the original tower that served the lighthouse keepers’ quarters.


Unseen from below and covered by a tarp, the roof was in dire need of repair

The structure, likely built in 1919, has been tarped over the last 20 years while rangers sought to find time and funding needed to give it a much needed renovation.

Preparing Scaffolding while Park Aides pose to show scale

During the summer-long renovation process, parks staff were interrupted every day by park visitors expressing gratitude for the work they were doing on this project. The only complaint come from …..


…a cantankerous bat! The bat had found a home tucked in under the old shingles and was relocated with care to a new tree home.

After photo - note the copper undersides.

Renovation is done!
The sparkling water tower makes Lime Kiln Point State Park's first impression. The re-shingled roof and shining copper vent screens pay tribute to the history of the park and the local community.

Many thanks to our donors who support our work and Park Improvement Project grants and to Ranger Halpern for his photos and report.

Compare with the "before" picture that we started with!