Catching Winter by the Trail

Spring is almost here, but when conditions are right you can enjoy the last taste of winter in Sno-Parks throughout Washington. Sno-Parks are sponsored by the Washington State Parks’ Winter Recreation Program. What an amazing collection of Sno-Parks we have!

Please enjoy these photos from a recent trip to Washington Sno-Parks taken and shared by WSPF Executive Director, John Floberg.

Below is what groomed trails look like… cross country ski tracks on the side with a flat area in the middle.

The John Wayne Trail provides a fast track to fun in winter.

Skate skiing is a blast (and a good workout.) You too can go flying through the trees with the greatest of ease.

WSPF Executive Director John Floberg Skate Skiing a winter trail.

Fat biking has also become very popular on winter trails throughout the country. Give it a try!

Chris Ragsdale and Jason Connell are members of Northwest Fatbike. Check ’em out at

This noble dog waits to pull a skier down a trail…

Winter sports enthusiasts practice the sport of skijoring (skiing while being pulled by a dog) at Washington Sno-Parks

Or revel in the peaceful quiet of a snowshoe trail

The snowshoe trails near Pearrygin Lake in the Methow Valley are well maintained and breathtakingly beautiful

Now is your time to catch winter by the trail!