Park Improvement Project for Wanapum State Park

Park Improvement Project Funding Provides Ways to Stay Hydrated and Protect the Environment

In efforts to minimize the use of single-use plastic bottles, the 2021 Park Improvement Project Grant will help fund a new water bottle filling station for Wanapum State Park. This bottle filling station will provide an easy, sanitary way of filling up water bottles during the hot summer months. Thousands of visitors who come to Wanapum State Park will be able to enjoy fresh and chilled water at their convenience. 


“The Foundation and its donors have impacted our project by funding a new water station that will provide a fountain and a bottle filling station to our day use visitors in one of the driest/windiest locations in Washington. We currently have a low level water spicket that is not ideal as a water fountain and is not as obvious to our guests as the new water dispenser will be.  We are in the process of purchasing it now and will have it installed by our maintenance team. The water station will provide a clean way to access drinking water without adding an additional expense to the visitor.” -Kevin Davis, Park Ranger, Wanapum State Park.