Park Improvement Project for Lewis and Clark Trail State Park

Supporting the Local Fishing Community at Lewis & Clark Trail State Park

Lewis & Clark Trail State Park’s location along the rivers offers various opportunities for water activities like fishing, swimming, and tubing. With support from the 2021 Park Improvement Project Grant, Lewis & Clark Trail State Park will be able to buy fishing gear for new programs that will highlight the park’s greatest assets. These fishing program gear will be the first step to supporting the interests of local communities and inviting more visitors.


“Lewis & Clark Trail has become a very busy family camping location. One of the reasons people love the park is because of the river and its safe and easy access. We want to offer more weekend programs for the campers, and a fishing program is a great way to provide something for all ages without needing a ton of staff to do so. We think that once established, this program could become a regular program that families and possibly local schools will attend on a frequent basis. Our hope is also that some of the more avid local fishers will take interest and volunteer to help us teach youth about different types of fishing in the area.” -Clara Dickinson-McQuary, Program Specialist, Lewis & Clark Trail State Park.