Park Improvement Project for Ebey’s Landing

Replacing Old Pedestrian Bridge at Ebey's Landing

Off the seaside parking lot in Fort Ebey State Park, there is a wooden bridge that leads you to Bluff Trail, a popular trail for hikers, bikers, and paragliders. Currently, the bridge is badly deteriorated from overuse. With the 2021 Park Improvement Project Grant, staff and volunteers will be able to build a new bridge in place of the hazardous wooden steps. Properly maintained, the new bridge will serve up to 10-15 years and aid in combating off-trail damage. 


“Overall, the impact is very positive!! The project at Ebey’s Landing State Park is the replacement of an aging pedestrian bridge and wooden steps on the popular Bluff Trail. This trail sees roughly 200,000 visitors a year and is the pathway to one of the most iconic views on Whidbey Island. With that amount of foot traffic, the bridge and steps are showing signs of wear and tear. Before they become unsafe, it is the goal of this project to replace the wooden bridge and railings in-kind… thus extending the life of this popular trail. This project will ensure continued public access to the Bluff Trail.” -Chris Holms, Area Manager, Central Whidbey Area.