Your votes are in. The summer grant winner is….

Ewing Cove, looking east on Sucia Island State Park. Photo by John Floberg.

Ewing Cove, looking east on Sucia Island State Park. Photo by John Floberg.

The Washington State Parks Foundation (WSPF) is the only state-wide organization committed to enhancing, sustaining and advocating for Washington’s beautiful state parks. Park Improvement Project Grants are one way we are making a big difference at your state parks. From improved trails, to interpretive programs, to historic restoration, facilities repairs, and more, WSPF is announcing our summer grant winner will be…..

…..Sucia Island State Park – this marine park is the latest Parks Improvement Project Grant recipient! Thank you to all of our members who fund our work and took time to review projects and voted. Once completed, this project will improve campsites and address important fire safety issues.

Our members have voted over the summer to award Sucia Island State Park with the latest grant. This Park Improvement Project Grant will fund the replacement 20 fire rings that are rusted out from the salt water environment and have the potential to allow embers to escape. This could result in a risk of fires at campsites that can escape to the nearby brush and beyond. The fire ring locations are on a remote island with reduced wildfire response times. The rusted rings are also a risk for injury to campers due to the jagged metal edges.

Park maintenance funds are only available to replace a portion of the fire rings that need replacement. This grant will fund supplies and materials to allow volunteer work parties to replace all of the fire rings.

WSPF is your voice for your state parks. Support and donations from people like you make all our work possible. That’s why why we invite our donors and members to vote and select Park Improvement Projects. Earlier this year, our members awarded grants for projects at eleven state parks. Renew or become a new member today and you can help us by funding and voting for the next 2017 round of Park Improvement Project grants.

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