Washington State Parks Foundation is the only statewide organization committed to enhancing, sustaining, and advocating for Washington State Parks.

Tap on photos below to learn about recent grants at these state parks.

Jackson House
WSPF $2,500 for materials for a new cedar fence and restoration of the original brick pathway and lush surrounding grass area.
Lewis and Clark Trail
$2,100 to add new tipi campsites
Events across the state
$5,000 for a generator and equipment trailer that supports arts in the parks performances and outdoor events.
Birch Bay
$2,500 to complete new playground's swing set, slides and ADA access ramp.
Deception Pass
$1,000 to replace picnic table boards at campgrounds and day use areas.
$2,500 for trail signage and bulletin boards to inform visitors along the Aubrey L. White Parkway Trail.
South Whidbey
$2,500 to map and provide signage on the Whilbert Trail.
Sun Lakes Dry Falls
$12,000 for a new 125-seat amphitheater with a place for presentations and programming.
Fort Flagler
$2,500 for to improve the trails, boardwalk and create signage.
Ike Kinswa
$1,250 to provide this park with a dedicated intern who specializes in interpretive programming for visitors.
Lake Sammamish
$2,500 to map and create signage for the trail network.  
Columbia Hills
$2,500 to create interpretive panels for the Dalles Mountain Ranch Trail.
Cama Beach
$2,500 to update and rebuild toy boat workstations and mobile trailer.  
Fort Casey
$2,500 to develop Historic Replica Drain Covers for gun batteries.
Steamboat Rock
$2,500 to complete the dock ramp at the Osborn Bay campground's boat launch.  

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Enhancing and Sustaining Parks

We award grants directly to individual State Parks for improvement projects, including facilities, trails, signs and events. The more our members and donors give, the more we can do!

Park Improvement Projects

Our Park Improvement Project program is designed to meet real needs in our state parks that are often too small to get attention through other means. These grants are available to all Washington State Parks on an annual basis.

Member Funded, Member Selected

All the funds for our Parks Improvement Projects Grants program come from our contributors, and all members who contribute something extra to it, get a say in which projects receive funding. Through this program, even small contributions make a tangible difference in our State Parks system.

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  1. Goldendale Observatory – Technical Facilitation of Solar Telescope Outreach: $2250
  2. Riverside – Signage for trails & borders near Camp Seven Mile Military Reservation: $2500
  3. Riverside – Aubrey L. White Parkway Trail info signs & bulletin boards: $2500
  4. Steamboat Rock – Dock Ramp at Osborn Bay Campground Boat Launch: $2500
  5. Seaquest – Looped Trail & Interpretive Wayside Panel: $2000
  6. Ike Kinswa – Interpretive Intern Stipend: $1250
  7. Fort Canby, Ft. Casey, Ft. Ebey, Ft. Flagler & Ft. Worden – Replica Drain Covers for Gun Batteries: $2500
  8. San Juan Marine Parks: Sucia Island  – Fire Ring Replacement: $2250
  9. Lake Sammamish – Trail Network Mapping & Signs: $2500

Total $20,250

  1. South Whidbey – Wilbert Trail Interpretive Signage— $2,500
  2. Federation Forest – Montgomery Interpretive Center Exhibit Renovations—$2,500
  3. Squilchuck – Kiosk and Trail Signage—$2,500
  4. Obstruction Pass – Picnic Table Replacement—$2,227
  5. Deception Pass – Replace Picnic Table Boards—$1,000
  6. Lake Easton – Campground Host Site—$2,500
  7. Mt. St. Helens – Bench Seats for Interpretive Program at Visitor Center—$2,000
  8. Columbia Hills – Dalles Mountain Ranch Trail Interpretive Panels—$2,500
  9. Cama Beach – Update and Rebuild Toy Boat Workstations and Mobile Trailer—$2,500
  10. Fort Flagler – Trails Improvements, Including Signage and Boardwalks—$2,500

Total $22,727

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Donor Sponsored Projects

We also connect worthy parks projects to individual donors—people and companies who value Washington’s State Parks and want to invest in their community.

Cama Beach Conference Center
Funding for the construction of the Cama Center and Cafe, a 5,000 square foot multipurpose dining, meeting, and event venue at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island, was facilitated by the Foundation. The building, clad in glass and wood, offers spectacular views over Saratoga Passage to Whidbey Island and the Olympic Mountains. The facility has a capacity for 200 people sitting or 150 people dining. It is an ideal spot for a wedding, family reunion, group retreat, or gathering of friends.

Sun Lake State Park Amphitheater
Our contributors made possible a $12,000 donation from the Foundation for the new 125-seat amphitheater built at Sun Lake State Park. The amphitheater provides an enhanced camping experience, with a place for presentations and other programming within the park.

Larrabee State Park Trail Improvements
A $2,000 gift in 2010 allowed the Foundation to partner with the Washington Trails Association and gain over 1,900 volunteer hours’ worth of work on trail improvements in the park. A similar gift was made in 2011.

San Juan Islands State Parks Safety Ladders
In cooperation with the members of the Women’s Interclub Council (representing the recreational boating community), the Foundation made a grant to State Parks to install safety ladders on docks in several state parks in the San Juan Islands. The $2,000 grant addressed this significant safety issue at nine locations.