Discover: Wildflowers this Spring

Plan your Wildflower Pilgrimage to the Columbia Gorge and Eastern Washington

Get your camping reservations now and plan your travels to state parks that will be bursting with the bounty of wildflowers and the fresh green beauty that only spring knows.

Head to Columbia Hills State Park along the Columbia Gorge to find the ephemeral signs of the season like the sweet smell of cotton wood buds or acres of blooming buds of all colors. Bring a field guide to seek floral treasures that include blue Columbia Gorge Lupine, Grass Widows, Glacier Lilies and lots, lots more.

At Steamboat Rock State Park near Grand Coulee you will see hills blanketed in yellow Balsamroot, desert parlsey and pink longleaf phlox. You can play the serious botanist or just stop to smell the flowers and delight in the glory of the moment.

Learn more about Steamboat Rock State Park. This park offers camping, boating and trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Learn more about Columbia Hills State Park and make your camping reservations to the Columbia Gorge.