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Washington’s State Parks are your state parks. And they deserve your support. You can help them by letting us know what’s most important to you, by sharing your ideas for making these parks even better, and by making sure your elected officials know how important State Parks are to you.

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State Parks Support in the Legislature

If you would like to see parks receive strong support, please write to your state senator and representatives in Olympia. You can use the handy “Contact Your Legislator” links below. Let them know why you value our State Parks. Thank you!

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Do your elected officials in Olympia know how important State Parks are to you? Use these handy links to get their contact information. Thanks!

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Got an idea for a park improvement? Does your favorite State Park need help? Help us help our parks: tell us today. In return, we will let you know when important decisions are being made about Washington’s State Parks, and make it easy for you to share your opinion with those making the decisions.

Friends of State Parks

The support and help given by friends groups are integral to preserving, maintaining, and developing Washington state parks. With 33 million visits annually, Washington’s state park system is among the most popular in the nation. However demand for our parks has outpaced resources. Limited government funding and population growth make support for Washington’s state parks more important than ever. With your help, we can continue the legacy of giving that has built one of the most-beloved park systems in the nation. Give now.