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Boeing Grant to WSPF Funds Bridge Construction at Willapa Hills Trail

Following the hurricane-force storm in December 2007 in Lewis County, Washington State Parks Foundation (WSPF) applied for and received a generous $100,000 grant from The Boeing Company to assist in repairing damaged segments of the Willapa Hills Trail.

Returning Orca Swim to Classrooms across the Nation

Over 3,000 students in grades 2-7 joined Washington State Parks Foundation (WSPF) and Killer Whale Tales at Lime Kiln Point State Park on May 23-25 for Journey to the Parks: Songs of the Salish Sea

WSPF Awards Grants to Improve Eleven Parks

Park Improvement Grants are one way we are making a big difference at your state parks. From improved trails, to interpretive programs, to historic restoration, facilities repairs, and more; WSPF has announced in grants funding to support park improvements at eleven state parks.

Rare Jackalope Sighting at Riverside State Park

The jackalope is extremely rare and unfortunately rumored to be extinct. In scarce and special occurrences, visitors to Washington State Parks have reported witnessing herds of jackalope grazing and hopping through the eastern side of the state.

Catching Winter by the Trail

Spring is almost here, but when conditions are right you can enjoy the last taste of winter in Sno-Parks throughout Washington.

Razor Clam Digging Tides and Tips

Shoulder deep in a hole in the sand, waves crashing overhead and a hand on the prize – a delicious buttery razor clam.